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Shiroemon Modified

Shiroemon is the only one pitcher on Arakawa Whiter's, he has a white fur and a long ears. He is a schoolmates of Kuroemon , and now he is Kuroemon greatest rival.


Shiroemon is the pitcher of Arakawa Whiter's , firstly this team is an one-man team because Shiroemon looks all of his teammates are a bunch of pawn, he keep that look because on his school he is a fool in baseball, but after some training he had, he become stronger, and his team are broke the game and lose his almost first winning, that's why, but after battling Edogawa Dora's in Big Dome Cup, he realized that Baseball is a 9 vs 9 game. Then after that battle, he become more solid with his teammates.

Personality and SkillsEdit

He is a clever robot on Arakawa Whiter's , like Hyoroemon, looks like he is the shadow coach of this team. Sometimes he is selfish and like to insult people, but he is nice in the bottom of his heart. His skill ball is
Magic Ball - White Ball and variety of White Ball, such as Wide White Ball, Wonder Wide White Ball, and the newest one is World Ball. He is skilfull too at straight, curve, slider, and fast ball. He beat the fast ball record by throwing a 180 km/hour ball, but it was beaten up by a guy named Monta.


  • Many people mistaken him for a rabbit because his long ear
  • He choosen by Tokyo Yankees to be an international pitcher, but he decline this offer.
  • The sleeves of his clothes are different in Around Japan Tournament, it becomes green.
  • His personal training place is at Edogawa Junkyard underneath a bridge, there's a target there.
  • He is skilfull at golf and fishing, but no at editing comics (got this from extra comics)

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