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EDOGAWA DORA'S is the main team in this manga, leaded by Kuroemon a black fured cat who serious to play baseball, this team firstly always losing, but because Aimond spirit about revenging Monga's about his precious Bat plus helped by Hiroshi who become pitcher replacing Doraemon, this team wins. This team has none of coach but it has a shadow coach named Hyoroemon who always cheering up this team when its going down on their spirits.

Team Members Edit

Main MembersEdit
Other MembersEdit
  • Mika as Manager (Only used 2 times, Arakawa Whiter's but no play, Akane Flyers make a hit)
  • Mike-emon as Spare Player (Only used 3 times, Akane Flyers, Canary FC, and Yamadera Bears 2)
  • Akaemon as Closer (Only showed at extra comic book 15 and Dorabase 2 NDS)
  • Guriemon as Former Right (Out to study, played at Hokkai Snow Fox, he help Dora's on All-Around Japan Tournament as First Baseman because Hyoro asked him)
  • Doraemon as Former Pitcher (Out to help Nobita for get a brighter future)
  • Doranosuke as Coach (Not accepted as coach and build Dora's Second Squad)
  • Pokoemon and Shiroemon (Help Edogawa Dora's when battle with Devil King's)

Team and Members PerformanceEdit

2nd Winner in Big Dome Cup
1st Winner in Kabuto Mushi Cup
3rd Winner in 44th Big Dome Cup
Kuroemon, Hyoroemon, Suzuemon become Japan Resperantive in WABC and become 2nd Winner
Aimond become American Resperantive in WABC and become 1st Winner
Currently played on Tournament Around Japan

Wins TableEdit

Who vs Who

Win Lose

Edogawa Doras vs Monga's

Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Yamadera Bear's Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Boso Turtle's Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Arakawa Whiter's Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Hana Chan - Y
Edogawa Doras vs Devil Kings Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Hokkai Snow Fox's Y -

Edogawa Doras vs Ayaushi Lion's

Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Kunigiyama Bugs Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Akane Flyer's Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Arakawa Whiter's - Y
Edogawa Doras vs Edogawa Boro's Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Canary FC Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Boso Turtle's Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Iriomote Mangroove's Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Akita Orion's Y -
Edogawa Doras vs Yamadera Bear's UF
Edogawa Doras vs Great Dora's JA
  • JA : Just Anounced
  • UF : Unfinished

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