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In Dorabase, there's a special rules that you can't find on real-life or any baseball manga/anime/cartoon. The special rule on Dorabase manga is that player can use 3 kind of imaginary tools from 22nd century like image berret, bamboocopter, and any tools that Doraemon used in Doraemon Anime itself. but at WABC Preliminaries only 1 of 3 tools can be used, so WABC is more chalenghing than in the everyday matches

There's a sample of doraemon tools that used in Dorabase


As you see at the right side, you can see the tools, there's a tool for pitching, batting, and defending. The golden bat looks like you can make home run easily, the A cap means Ace cap, so its for pitcher, and the bamboocopter is for catching almost homerun ball. There's still many tools in Dorabase can use during a match, but sometimes the referee will give a trap tools that are difficult to use it during a match such as 3D copier and Everywhere to go door

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